Supporting the community we're part of is important to us. Our sponsorship aims to achieve the following three outcomes:

      • Supporting Sustainable Farming
      • Conserve the Environment
      • Supporting Our Future Scientists

Supporting Sustainable Farming & Conserving the Environment

BFEA logoHill Laboratories are a national sponsor of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards. The New Zealand Farm Environment Trust facilitates the annual Ballance Farm Environment Awards to showcase the nation's environmentally responsible and profitable farmers.

Hill Laboratories Agri-Science Award
The Hill Laboratories Agri-Science Award replaces the Hill Laboratories Harvest Award from 2018 onwards.

The Hill Laboratories Agri-Science Award recognises excellence in the use of technology tools to increase productivity and minimise environmental impacts.  A good understanding of soil and water protection should be demonstrated by recipients, with supporting measurement records. An active weed and pest management plan would also be in evidence. 

Supporting our Future Scientists

Hill Laboratories is a significant sponsor of a number of initiatives that support the future of science and technology in New Zealand.