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A Little About Us

We are New Zealand's largest privately owned analytical testing laboratory, specialising in environmental, agricultural & food testing. From a regional base we have national reach and as a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company, we’ve lead the way in analytical testing for many years. We have an extensive range of tests, using the latest technology and methods, backed by dedicated Client Services Managers.

Hill Laboratories’ makes a difference for customers by helping them increase their productivity, ensure safety, minimise environmental impact, meet regulatory requirements and support their communities’ well-being


In mid-2017, NZ Avocado raised concern at the way Hill Laboratories histogram reports portray most Mehlich3 copper (m3Cu) soil test results as being very high or excessive. This was causing alarm with some growers and some resistance to using copper-based sprays for fungus control. We could see a problem existed, and in consultation with industry stakeholders set about finding a solution that would satisfy everyone’s concerns.

After extensive industry consultation, the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has made its decision on the scientific definition of Mānuka honey.

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