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Future Post Partnership


We are extremely proud of our partnership with Future Post and to be part of a drive to sustainably make a difference in our environment with what we do with our waste.

Every day Hill Laboratories receives hundreds of samples from customers around the country, typically in a plastic container such as a bottle or a bag. It can be difficult to recycle these containers because of the labels and residual sample material (e.g. particles of soil, or some water). We partnered with Future Post because they have developed a product and a process that is tolerant of these impurities. 

Each month Hill Laboratories supplies Future Post with over 50,000 items made up of sampling bottles and bagsconsumable items such as vials and pipette tips, as well as staff domestic flexible packaging and a significant amount of other flexible packaging from around the business. These are used to create durable fence posts with an expected life exceeding 50 years. These are sold back to many of our agricultural customers. 

We are proud to be diverting this waste from landfills and we know this is an important step in the right direction for our company, valued by both our staff and our clients. 

To find out more about Future Post visit their website at https://www.futurepost.co.nz/ or connect with them on Facebook.

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