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Pesticide Residue Testing


We have a dedicated food testing division and the ability to test for over 600 different pesticide residues in a wide range of fruit, vegetables, soils and food products.

Hill Laboratories has many years of experience testing pesticides in a broad range of primary produce and environmental samples. We work closely with industry groups to ensure that our tests are up-to-date with your needs and that compounds deemed important to your produce are included within our test suites. In addition, our laboratories are fitted with state-of-the-art instruments to provide results to our clients in as short a time as possible, while ensuring data is of the highest quality.

  • Multi residue GC Test -230+ pesticides
  • Multi residue LC Test - 48+ pesticides
  • Dithiocarbonate Screen - 10 pesticides
  • Acidic Herbicide Screen - 20+ pesticides
  • Sulfonyl Urea Screen -20+ pesticides
  • Glyphosphate (includes AMPA and gluphosinate)
  • Maleic Hydrazide
  • Paraquat/Diquat
  • Dithianon

 Pesticide residue analysis is available on the following sample types:

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