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At Hill Laboratories we have an extensive range of honey tests, using the latest technology and methods and backed by dedicated Client Service Managers.

Update:  29th January 2018 - MPI Manuka Honey Definition

MPI has advised that it has reissued the General Requirements for Bee Products Export Notice.

The revised Notice adjusts the level of a chemical marker known as 2’-MAP from greater than or equal to 5 mg/kg, to greater than or equal to 1 mg/kg for the definition for multifloral mānuka honey. There is no change to the definition for monofloral mānuka honey, which remains at equal or greater than 5mg/kg for 2’-MAP. The implementation date of the Notice remains 5 February.
Click here to visit MPI's Manuka Honey page for more information. 

Other Honey Tests:

  • C4 Sugar Screening 
  • Aerobic Plate Count (APC
  • Yeasts and Moulds
  • Dimethylaniline (DMA)  - metabolite of Amitraz
  • pDCB Para - Dichlorobenzene
  • pDCB + Naphthalene
  • Multiresidues
  • Heavy Metals
  • Flumethrin, Fluvalinate & Coumaphos
  • Microbiological tests

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