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Psa V testing

In collaboration with Plant & Food Research, Hill Laboratories has developed a test that confirms the strain of Psa V if present on the first test. 

What is Psa?

Psa or Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae is a bacterial disease which affects kiwifruit plants. Symptoms on the plants include leaf spotting, vine cankers, wilting, and brown flower discolouration   It’s spread is airborne mediated and can move easily between plants and orchards in certain environmental conditions.  Damage is more severe on yellow-fleshed kiwifruit (i.e. A. chinensis cvs. ‘Hort 16A’ and ‘Jin Tao’) than on the more widely grown green fleshed cultivar (i.e. A. deliciosa cv. ‘Hayward’).

What to do if you think your orchard is infected by Psa

If you find symptoms on your orchard, tag the vine and contact your Packhouse Psa Manager for confirmation that the symptoms are Psa-like. The Packhouse either takes the sample or organises a sample to be taken. The Packhouse will also organise to get the sample to the lab.

Alternatively, you can take the samples yourself and send them directly to Hill Laboratories using our free courier service. Just take 5 leaves (or 1 cane sample) from each of 3 locations on your orchard and send them through in the Psa V kit that can be ordered here. For exudate or sap samples, a minimum of 0.5g is needed for analysis. Samples vials can be obtained from the laboratory for this purpose.

More sampling details are available from KVH:

Hill Laboratories and the Kiwifruit industry

Hill Laboratories is trusted by hundreds of Kiwifruit growers to carry out soil and plant testing each year so that Orchardists can make smart cost effective fertiliser decisions based on the nutrient status of their soils, sub soils and plants.

As New Zealand’s largest analytical laboratory we pride ourselves in the quality of our testing service.  We provide accurate, fast and cost effective testing solutions supported by a team of highly experienced client service managers who are just a phone call away to support you in the testing process.

What to expect when you use Hill Laboratories Psa testing:

  • Results of the Psa tests will be sent to KVH, who will forward on to you as soon as possible
  • Accuracy – A one-test Psa-V specific analysis.
  • Free courier service.


All samples must be accompanied by a KVH approved Analysis Request form and all results will be reported back to KVH in the first instance.  It is important that the correct KPIN is supplied.


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Download the Psa V sample submission form here