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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What testing is on offer?

We test a wide variety of samples for a range of different solutions. The company is divided into three main sectors; Agricultural, Environmental and Food, which reflect our main testing groups. Testing for example; soil for nutrients, water for contaminants and food for pesticide residues.

What testing do I need?

Testing may be required for many different reasons.  Doing the wrong test is of no benefit to anyone.  It is therefore important for the laboratory to understand why the testing is needed, so that the correct testing to meet your needs is done at the best price.  If you find the information on this web-site insufficient to work out what testing you require and how to submit it, please call us and ask to speak with a Client Services Manager.

What is your phone number?

Freephone 0508 HILL LAB (44 555 22). From overseas please call:  +64 7 858 2000.

Are you an independent laboratory?

Yes we are fully independent.  We are a privately owned New Zealand company, owned and operated by staff.

Are you IANZ accredited?

Yes, we are an IANZ accredited laboratory and meet the ISO 17025 international standard for testing laboratories, although not all individual test methods are accredited. For detailed information on our Accreditation please click here.

How many sites do you have in New Zealand?

We currenlty have operations at seven sites.  Four are located around the city of Hamilton, one in Auckland(new) and one in Christchurch and one in Blenheim.

What are your opening hours?

North Island Main Site (Clyde Street, Hamilton)
Monday to Friday: 8am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 8am – 12pm (Sample Reception)

South Island Main Site (Waterloo Road, Christchurch)
Monday: 8am-5.30pm
Tuesday to Friday: 7am-5.30pm
Saturday: 8am – 12pm (Sample Reception)

We can usually arrange to receive samples outside these times if necessary – give us a call.

I’m an international client, can I use Hill Laboratories?

Yes. We regularly receive samples from many overseas countries.  We have an office in Japan   and we can provide assistance with all aspects of importing samples into NZ, including customs and biosecurity clearance, please click here for more information.

What should I do if I have a suggestion, query or complaint?

If you have a suggestion, query or complaint concerning your work, please call 07 858 2000 and ask to speak with a Client Services Manager in the first instance.  The issue will be managed and resolved through our Query system

How often is the newsletter published?

Every 3 months.

How do you become a Hill Laboratories employee?

We have an on-line careers system that you can use to register your interest in working for Hill Laboratories here.  Should a suitable opportunity comes up we’ll contact you.

Sample FAQs

What happens to my sample once analysis is complete?

Samples are stored in a purpose built storage facility.  They are stored for a predefined period of time depending upon the sample type.

What type of sample container do I need to send my sample to the laboratory?

If you are an environmental client we have available a pocket sample container catalogue.  For all other testing types please refer to our order forms found here or speak to your client services manager.

Result FAQs

Can I get my results electronically?

Results can be made available in electronic or paper copy.  Results are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our MYLAB system.

How do I interpret the way my report is set out?

If you would like some help with the way in which your report is formatted and the results are expressed, please call us on 0508 HILL LAB (44 555 22 and ask to speak with a Client Services Manager.

How do I interpret my results?

If you would like some help with the interpretation of the results you will need to seek the assistance of a specialist in this area.  As an independent laboratory we are not actively involved in the interpretation of results.

Can I reproduce the report?

Reports can be reproduced elsewhere by Clients but must be reproduced complete, in full and without any modification.  The reproduction of part of a report requires the written consent of Hill Laboratories. This requirement does not apply to the results contained in reports and Clients have every right to publish or use their results in part or in full and in any forum.

Are my reports stored securely?

All reports and the raw data used to produce the results in them are stored electronically in our purpose built Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).  This has been designed to ensure that all results and data are stored safely and securely at all times.

What is a detection limit?

A detection limit is the lowest possible level that we can reliably and accurately measure something.

Why does the detection limit sometimes change?

A number of factors can affect a detection limit when a result is reported.  For instance, the nature of the sample, the amount of sample, and possible interferences encountered during its analysis could affect the detection limit.

What does the < sign mean when it appears in my results?

Please refer to the Method detection limit Technical note, click here.