Air Quality Testing

Canister Sampling Service for Air Quality Testing

The Hill Laboratories canister sampling service provides air quality testing clients with a fast and easy to use sampling solution.

Advantages of using the Canister Sampling Service

The canister sampling service supplies the following benefits when compared to sorbent tubes: 

  • A fast, reliable and accurate service without the need for overseas sample transport
  • The ability to capture vinyl chloride with less volatile chlorinated VOC’s
  • Allows sample dilution during analysis
  • Pumps are no longer required to sample
  • The canister sampling service meets oil industry standards
Typical uses of the Canister Sampling Service

The Canister sampling service can be used be a diverse range of customers wishing to test an air sample for:

  • Soil vapour sampling
  • Sub-slab and vapour intrusion monitoring
  • Ambient monitoring



For more information about our air quality testing service call Dr Ian Graves or

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