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All Paddock Testing

Use All Paddock Testing (APT) to optimise your fertiliser costs

All Paddock Testing (APT) is a service provided exclusively through Hill Laboratories. A farmer using APT gets soil (in sample form) from the majority of paddocks tested, instead of the standard practice of testing only a few.  As a result with the more comprehensive All Paddock Testing report you can optimise your fertiliser application by paddock (often for decreased cost).

All Paddock Testing produces a complete picture of nutrient levels

The picture below shows an example of different nutrient levels across a typical farm on a per paddock basis.  (Map of Northland farming example after testing).

All Paddock Testing - APT - large map

  • Green Colours - Paddocks have nutrients at the lower end; would benefit from increased nutrient application targeting improved productivity
  • Yellow Colours - Areas demonstrating a healthy nutrient status requiring a maintenance-only application
  • Red Colours - Nutrient levels are excessively high.  Significant cost savings would result from more strategic fertiliser application.
  • Benefits of All Paddock Testing

    • Fertiliser application optimisation (often for decreased cost)*
    • Improved soil nutrition in key areas
    • Reduced farm impact on the environment
    • Get the complete picture of the nutrient status for each paddock allowing you to make smarter, more cost effective fertiliser decisions.

    *Savings in fertiliser will vary farm by farm


    How All Paddock Testing is different

    Most farmers only choose to test a few paddocks on their farm and assume these to be sufficiently representative of the farm as a whole.

    The below picture shows the nutrient levels in the limited number of paddocks tested:

    Decisions are then made about fertiliser application based on the assumption that those few paddocks tested represent the nutrient status for the entire management unit (see map below).

    Picture shows how an assumed level of nutrients is applied across management units:

    Weaknesses of this current approach

    • Wasted dollars on inexact use of fertiliser
    • Insufficient fertiliser or wrong mix of fertiliser applied to areas of the farm, reducing productivity
    • Environmental risks (leaching and run off) enhanced


    The APT Process:

    1. A pre-service information pack sent out in preparation for APT
    2. Request a quotation from the laboratory by contacting an Agriculture Division client service manager
    3. Sampling. An independent sampling service to take the soil samples on your farm may be available in some areas. This service would be charged
    4. Laboratory testing conducted by Hill Laboratories - New Zealand's leading, independent laboratory
    5. A comprehensive APT lab report is sent out identifying the nutrient levels on a paddock-by-paddock basis.  The information is displayed using colour coded farm maps (nutrient density gradients) and a full set of standard Hill Laboratories reports
    6. A year's free access to a password protected web service providing an interactive view of the paddock by paddock nutrient maps*

    *access permission defined by the farmer - historical data can also be added



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