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The most accurate meat testing available

Meat is tested at Hill Laboratories using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology providing you with a rapid and accurate form of testing through the identification of the pathogens DNA.  Most common pathogens can be detected using this current form of technology.  We also offer a full range of residue, heavy metals and proximates tests on meat.

About this Testing

If you are testing your meat for pathogens such as E.coli 0157:H7, Salmonella, Listeria species and Listeria monocytogenes Hill laboratories now offers a suite of tests using the latest PCR technology.  PCR technology offers unsurpassed accuracy and delivers results faster than any other technology.

More about PCR technology

What is PCR technology?

PCR technology uses DNA testing to accurately measure the level of pathogens in food samples.  PCR testing is mandated by the MPI for testing of E.coli 0157:H7 in beef destined for the US market.

The benefits of PCR technology

PCR is an extremely sensitive and selective technology that allows for very rapid detection of DNA belonging to specific pathogenic organisms.  Those businesses that want fast turnaround and accuracy of results should consider PCR as their method of choice.

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