Swab & Surface Sample Testing

Our Air Quality laboratory regularly tests swab and surface samples.  A wide variety of compounds can be tested for chemical and microbiological contaminants.  If you are evaluating spraying, wanting to understand the nature of deposits or monitor cleaning processes we'll have a swab and surface sample test to meet your requirements. 


About this Testing

Swab and surface sample testing is routinely used for:

  • Surface contamination monitoring
  • Evaluating spray drift
  • Understanding the nature of particulate deposition
  • Monitoring cleaning efficiency
  • Answering a range of other monitoring questions

Analysis is routinely performed on a range of organic and inorganic air contaminants and a wide variety of microbiological contaminants.

To take a samples use either GhostTM wipes, tissues and other swab materials.

We are always developing new tests in this area.  If you can't immediately find a surface test to meet your needs call us on the number below and we'll discuss a development option with you.



For more information about swab testing & surface sample testing contact Dr Ian Graves

Freephone 0508 HILL LAB (44 555 22)