Air Quality Testing

Hill Laboratories are New Zealand's leading supplier of Air Quality testing from our purpose built air quality testing laboratory.

The Air Quality laboratory is also the only New Zealand based supplier of Air Quality testing using passivated canisters to provide for easy and convenient sample capture in the field.Air Quality testing is typically offered for the following situations:

Environmental contamination

Our Air testing services are used by environmental and occupational safety and health consultants, stack testers and government organisations.  On offer are a wide range of media and target analytes based on USEPA, AS/NZS, NIOSH and OSHA methodologies that are used to assess ambient environmental air quality.   

Environmental contamination routinely requires us to test for a wide variety of organic and inorganic air contaminants using methods designed specifically to meet the needs of this testing. 

Air quality sample collection is a complex field and the analytical solutions we provide rely on up to date technologies backed up by a strongly customer focussed team.  To make sample collection easier we now exclusively offer the canister sampling service. 

Occupational Health and safety samples

The Air Quality testing service is also routinely used to monitor the air quality of a workplace and is used as a useful technique for ensuring a healthy and safe environment for employees.   The air quality laboratory analyses sample tubes, badges, filters and impinger solutions for a wide range of compounds of interest in OS&H monitoring.    Examples of these compounds are metals (eg lead, mercury), hydrocarbon solvents, benzene (e.g. petrol station attendant monitoring), alcohols, ketones, chlorinated solvents, formaldehyde, etc.

Scans can be produced as results using GC-MS and can be compared to library search reporting (LSR) from the NIST 150,000 compound library.   This can be a useful  technique if it is not known what may be present in the air. Most metals can be can determined using this technique, including mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium in addition to the analysis of acid gases from hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, phosphoric, nitric or sulphuric acids by ion chromatography.

Emissions testing

Monitoring of the stationary source emissions is essential for a number of industries to meet resource consent obligations and evaluate the efficiency of exhaust stream clean up processes.  Much like occupational health testing scans using GC-MS and comparisons with library search reporting (LSR) from the NIST 150,000 compound library is a useful technique if it is not known what may be present.

Take an Air Quality sample using the Canister sampling service:

Taking an air sample for air quality testing has never been so easy.  Hill Laboratories is the first laboratory in New Zealand to offer a canister sampling service that enables sample collectors to easily and accurate collect a sample from the field through the use of a passivated canister.


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