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Click the 'Login' button to access Mylab.
If you have not previously registered with the Hill Laboratories website you will need to first register here
Firstly login to My Lab using your own email address and password (you need to register your email address and password to become a registered user of My Lab).
Once logged on you'll have access to your My Lab page. On the Orders page you can view the date we received each of your order, the estimated completion date and the current status of those jobs. For your convenience the last ten completed orders are also set out in this section.
If you want more information about any of your orders, simply click on a order to progress to the Order Details page. Here you can see the tests that have been completed and those that are still in progress for each order. Drill down into each of these samples to see the progress of each individual test being analysed.
View job reports on-line, and if all testing hasn't been completed, you will be able to request an interim report for the tests that are complete. You can also view the invoice if it is available. 
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Register on-line, or, for more information, contact your Customer Service Manager, North Island +64 7 858 2000, South Island +64 3 377 7176.

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