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Simplifying environmental data management and reporting - try Evalu8 for free when you test with Hill Labs!

Available from June 8th is an exclusive opportunity to use Evalu8 for your Hill Laboratories' testing, free of charge for over six months until the end of the year*. If you’re interested in taking up this awesome opportunity at no cost, please contact us to arrange set up.

About Evalu8

Entuitive have been working with a range of environmental consultancies to design software that works for the industry. A modern and powerful software program, Evalu8 is the most logical and cost-effective way to manage and process your analytical data. 

In a nutshell, Evalu8 converts our detailed lab testing data into clear, concise figures, tables, and report templates for your client. Evalu8 will do the time-consuming work for you, providing cost savings to your project and allowing time to concentrate on your customer relationships and ensuring you can respond to their needs faster. It will also significantly reduce errors in reporting and produce a higher quality result. 

Easy-to-use with tabulation and the ability to upload templates, Evalu8 takes your reporting to the next level!

Key benefits include:

  • Intelligent Dashboard - allows you to dive deep into the data to quickly and effectively see patterns and distribution of exceedances.
  • Map Editor - a powerful map editor makes creating figures simple with a huge amount of flexibility and customisation.
  • Huge Database - in-depth database of over 9000 national and international guidelines pre-loaded in for all users, removing any setup time.
  • Customisable Data - the flexibility to create your own compliance criteria for landfills, city council plans, or consent purposes.
  • Calculation and Stats - functionality to dive deeper into results and see calculations and complete stats on your data sets.
  • Data Upload - straight from Hill Laboratories into Evalu8 via FTP or simple CVS upload options available.
  • Table Export - logical table export of data you want to see, highly customisable and even the option to export into a company theme.
  • Text Export - Evalu8 takes factual data and drops it right either into a word document a blank document or directly into your company’s template.

"Evalu8 is a fantastic tool that enables us to quickly and efficiently digitise field and laboratory data. This reduces the double handling of data and potential for transcription errors, allowing us to concentrate on delivering high quality deliverables to our clients” - James Blackwell, 4Sight Consulting (Certified Environmental Practitioner – Site Contamination Specialist)

 To find out more about the benefits of using Evalu8, along with further client testimonials, please visit their website. 

*Please note that if using for non Hill Labs testing, charges apply. Offer ends on December 31st, 2020, regardless of sign-up date. Sign up ASAP to take full advantage of the free six month trial.

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