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Horticultural Plant and Crop


Testing plant material in your high value crops ensures that your orchards or arable crops are yielding at the plant's full potential. Plant materials can be tested for mineral nutrients to monitor fertiliser programmes and identify imbalances.

Plant analysis is a valuable diagnostic and monitoring tool that should be used to complement soil analysis. A soil test shows what soil nutrients are available to the crop, while a plant test shows what nutrients the crop has actually taken up. In this way, plant tests provide a more reliable assessment of crop nutrient status.

Plant analysis can be used in two ways:

  • To routinely monitor nutrients to help sustain optimum levels and thus avoid nutritional disorders that may impact crop yield.
  • To identify nutrient deficiencies, toxicities or imbalances when crops appear to be under performing. 

To help make the process of data interpretation easier Hill Laboratories offers a variety of crop guides and interpretative ranges with your test results. These two easy-to-use tools allow you to understand aspects that are important to your particular crop as well as how your data compares with scientifically validated nutrient ranges for your crop of choice.

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