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Compost and Media Testing


We have a range of tests to help you understand the status of composts, media and nutrient solutions.  Choose from a range of suites designed to measure the nutrient status, pesticide residue levels, microbial counts or the heavy metal content.

  • Compost testing -Hill Laboratories offers a suite of different compost tests that allow you to assess organic matter, nutrient composition, mineral composition, as well as for contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides.
  • Media testing -soil-less growing media can be easily analysed using Hill Laboratories Basic Media Test. This test suite includes pH, Electrical Conductivity as well as mineral and nutrient analysis.
  • Nutrient solution testing -ensuring your hydroponic growing system is delivering optimally is easy when you use Hill Laboratories Basic NFT Test. This test suite includes pH, Electrical Conductivity as well as mineral and nutrient analysis.
  • Organic certification of compost -Organic certification testing of compost to New Zealand's BioGro standards can be done easily and quickly using our organic certification test suite.

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