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Asbestos Testing

Testing materials for Asbestos

IANZ accredited asbestos testing

Hill Laboratories are IANZ accredited to analyse and report suspected asbestos containing materials, asbestos in soil and asbestos fibre counting. Our asbestos testing soil analysis are performed in accordance with the Western Australian and Australian National Environmental Protection Measure (NEPM).

Hill Laboratories offer the following asbestos analyses:

  • Asbestos Identification in Bulk Materials – Analyses of suspected asbestos containing materials, typically building materials or demolition debris.
  • Asbestos Fibre Counting – IANZ Accredited - Hills offer this service for air monitoring associated with asbestos abatement and air quality studies.  
  • Asbestos Identification in Soils – We meet the New Zealand Guidelines for Assessing and Managing Asbestos in Soil (BRANZ Guidelines) and the implementation of laboratory methods described under AS 4964 2004. To meet these guidelines, a minimum of 500 ml of soil must be submitted and the entire sample prepared for analysis. This provides semi-quantitative asbestos in soil result.  An analysis method for the presence/absence of asbestos in soil is also available.

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