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Water Testing for Food Safety

Water Testing for Food Safety

Date: 1 Nov 2019
Author: Hill Laboratories

When owning or running a food business that uses self-supplied water, MPI requires you to ensure that clean water is used in the processing and handling of food. To assist you in complying with these requirements, Hill Laboratories offers a dedicated kit and testing profile for food safety water testing. 

Self-supply water refers to water obtained directly by the operator from sources such as bore water, rainwater, surface water, or groundwater, which is distinct from water supplied by a registered drinking water supplier (e.g a district or city council). MPI state that self-supply water must meet the following criteria for food processing and handling.  


water safety

Note: If your self-supply water is chlorinated, on-site pH and free available chlorine testing is also required by MPI.  

To order sampling kits and testing please visit our website.

Please note that we must receive the samples back at the lab within 24hr and < 10°C to process the sample for E.Coli. There are instructions in the kit regarding the best way to achieve this.  

For more information on MPI Requirements for Food Control Plans, view the MPI website here.