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Updates to our Agricultural Testing

Updates to our Agricultural Testing

Date: 4 Mar 2021
Author: Hill Laboratories

Following an in-depth review last year, we have made some exciting changes in our agricultural test offerings from February 2021. While there will be an approximate 2-3% price increase for our basic soil and plant tests through the Agriculture Soil & Plant Laboratory, we are also passing on some savings made possible by our innovation in NIRS (near-infrared spectroscopy) technology.

The biggest change is to our Extractable Soil Sulphur profile (S) where we will offer SO4-S and Extractable Organic S at the single test price of $16.00  (previously $29.00). We have dropped Anion Storage Capacity (ASC) from this profile, but it can still be requested individually of course. As ASC does not change over time, it is likely only needed once per block or when soil has been grossly modified.

To help simplify the process when ordering tests, you will no longer be able to request the SO4-S test on its own. Submitters will only need to select “S” in the mobile app, on-line portal or paper request form.

Another exciting offering is our new Soil Health Package – bundling Basic Soil, S, ASC, Organic Soil Profile (tN,tC,OM,AN,C:N) and Hot Water Extractable Carbon tests into a single reduced price. Again, this has been made possible due to the investment over the last few years to develop robust soil tests using non-destructive spectroscopic techniques – and every sample processed through the lab receives an NIR scan. Soil health is of importance to all land-users, and over time we will add more tests that are shown to be useful for monitoring changes due to land management.

The use of NIR in our laboratory allows us to pass on the value benefit to you through rapid and affordable testing, compared to the reference wet chemistry methods which are costlier and slower. We run regular quality assurance samples to maintain the NIR calibrations, providing confidence in our results.

A schedule of list prices is available on request, detailing the new prices and a full range of tests on offer.

The main changes are outlined below:

The Basic Soil profile moves from $57 to $59 per sample

The Basic Plant profile moves from $79 to $80 per sample

The Silage profile moves from $80 to $85 per sample

The Feed & Extended Feed profiles are unchanged

Hot Water Extractable Carbon (HWEC) test held at the reduced price of $20

NEW Soil Health Package at bundled price of $135

NIR Soil test prices have been slightly reduced due to efficiencies gained with that technique

Consequently, prices of other routine profiles will increase somewhat and some individual tests and items that have not had a price change in many years will also be increased. Please note, we will be applying an automatic additional sample preparation fee for all bulb samples for DM% or feed tests, for example, fodder beet and turnips, as these sample types are very time-consuming to process correctly.

We are committed to delivering a high level of customer service, including provision of e-Business solutions such as our sample submission app, customer portal and data integration. Our investment in these tools and in our laboratory technology and people will enable us to maintain this high level of service into the future.

We are also putting significant effort into reducing our environmental footprint – recycling our plastics to Future Post and re-directing our soil waste to Cleanfill. This will be an ongoing strategy towards environmental sustainability for our business.

The new prices came into effect mid-February 2021, but any existing quotes will be honored at the old price until the expiry date on the quote.

We appreciate your ongoing support and hope that these changes will support your business needs.

If you would like any further clarification, please don’t hesitate to call one of our Agriculture Client Services Managers on 0508 HILL LAB.