Staff Profile – Ashley Davies | Hill Laboratories - NZ

Staff Profile – Ashley Davies

Staff Profile – Ashley Davies

Date: 17 Nov 2020
Author: Hill Laboratories

Ashley Davies - Team Leader Client Services and Administration

Ashley Davies has a soft spot for Duck Island’s Bourbon Brown Butter Pecan, “it’s the best balance of sweet, salty and super indulgent!”

The Waikato ice cream icon is just one of the everyday products that could have passed through Hill Laboratories over the years on its journey to freezers around the country.

“It amazes me how many daily interactions we have with items that were once samples in a lab, tested to ensure their safe everyday use.”

However, as good as the frozen treats are, you won’t find the Team Leader Client Services & Administration in one of the city’s cafés, preferring an energy drink to keep her going over a flat white or a chai latte.

Ashley spends some of that energy away from Hill Laboratories in her home office which doubles as her art studio. In that sanctuary she is able to let her creativity flow, indulging in her passion for painting, while backed by a soundtrack of her favourite tunes to guide her brush.

That creative streak also guides her role, always looking for new ways to improve the processes and systems at Hill Laboratories since joining the team after six years working across Asia Pacific markets in Customer Services and Process Improvement.

“I love learning and challenging myself, so when I joined Hill Labs I wanted to take what I have learnt overseas and share that with a new team, while learning about a new industry and supporting local business.”

“I am passionate about growing Hill Labs as well as our clients’ businesses. We do that by developing our people and systems for success, which is an exciting journey to be a part of.” 

Ashley started at Hill Laboratories at the beginning of the year, coming from a background in operational and commercial environments, managing teams and focusing on projects that pushed for continuous improvement.

“Questioning the process and our systems is a great way to grow, engage and retain our people, as well as optimise our capacity.  I want to ensure that we provide a service people not only expect, but also an experience worth coming back for,” says Ashley.

The diversity of the role is what appeals most to Ashley. From accurate client communications and monitoring performance to supporting the Hill Laboratories team in their personal development through training and coaching, and meeting with stakeholders on key projects, all completed in line with the company’s business focus and values.

“Our company culture promotes a supportive and collaborative group of experts, who are committed to the health and safety of our customers, our country and the world we live in,” says Ashley. 

“At Hill Labs I have learned that although our own personal experience is valuable, collective knowledge and experience is unique and powerful, and that’s what sets us apart.”