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Spotlight On Water Testing

Date: 9 Feb 2022
Author: Hill Laboratories

Over recent years we have found that water quality is front of mind for many New Zealanders, from the quality of drinking water in homes, through to the health of waterways in all environments - ranging from the pristine through to highly impacted streams and waterways.  

From listening to the needs of our clients and with our on-going involvement in many nationwide sector and industry groups, we have developed a range of tailored water testing offerings that allow our services to be easily utilised by all.  We have tailored offerings for waters ranging from drinking water, irrigation water, streams and waterways, right through to swimming pools.  

We have recently produced a video which gives an insight into water testing here at Hill Laboratories, from sample receipt at the laboratory through to report delivery.  You can take a look at the video here:

For water testing for compliance or regulatory requirements, we also have a range of tailored solutions, including for Food Safety, Good Agricultural Practice and Beekeeper Recognised Laboratory Programme (RLP) testing.  

Our laboratory operations have been optimised over the years to allow our high-quality water testing results to be delivered in very competitive timeframes.   We are extremely proud to provide water testing services to Regional Councils nationwide, where data quality and timeliness of reporting  is of utmost importance.  

If you would like further information on water quality testing, or if you can assist with your water testing requirements, please contact us at You can also view and order our tailored water testing offerings on our website: