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Small Ziplock Bags Now Available

Small Ziplock Bags Now Available

Date: 1 Nov 2019
Author: Hill Laboratories

Sample collection is now even easier for grape and potato growers using our seasonal Combined Leaf & Petiole test profiles, by having small ziplock bags available at sample collection to contain the petiole fraction. 

The Combined Leaf & Petiole profiles (CGP,CPotP) allow for analysis of the mobile nutrients (NO3-N, P,K,Mg) in the conductive tissue of the petiole as well as the full range of the nutrient sink in the leaf blade. The grape and potato crop guides available on our website contain additional information. 

Before sampling, we recommend that growers label both the large plant bag and the small ziplock bag. Place the petiole fraction inside the ziplock bag and put this into the larger plant bag along with the leaf blade sample. Remember to scan the sample-bag barcode on your sample submission app. Bulk supplies of the small ziplock bags are available upon request to the laboratory.