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App Replaces Need For Paper Request Forms

Sample Submission App Replaces Need For Paper Request Forms

Date: 9 May 2018
Author: Hill Laboratories

Up until now, innovation within laboratories has largely focused on expanding test offerings, improving test accuracy and sensitivity, or speeding up analysis processes.

However at Hill Laboratories we looked at innovation slightly differently by asking ourselves a key question: how can we use readily available technology to make soil testing easier and more accurate for our testing partners?

The result was development of the Hill Laboratories Sample Submission App. The app replaces the need for a paper analysis request form and has the functionality to capture GPS and scanning of barcoded sample bags – with benefits in sample traceability and proof of collection site. The app is designed to use “presets” (favourites) of sample type and test combinations and has recommended tests built in. The app job file is submitted electronically and the lab is able to process samples faster without the need for laborious manual registration.

Some existing users have provided the following feedback on use of the app:  “Really happy with the app. Pre-sets are easy to use and set up” and “Finding it pretty good and easy to use- A lot quicker than the paper-work and very handy”.

For eligibility to use the app please email to