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In Partnership With Future Post

Repurposing Our Plastic Waste In Partnership With Future Post

Date: 4 May 2020
Author: Hill Laboratories

Earlier this year in March, we announced our partnership with Future Post through our various marketing channels. As a result, we have received a great deal of positive feedback from many of our valued clients which has certainly reinforced to us that this was a great initiative for our company to take.

Future Post was founded by director Jerome Wenzlick, a fencer who found that his wooden fence posts were breaking as he tried ramming them through all the waste plastic in the ground. Passionate about the environment, Jerome had the revelation that if he could build a stronger fencepost from waste plastic, he would also help solve a bigger environmental problem. A chance meeting with a farmer experienced in recycling and repurposing products led to a business partnership and the creation of the ‘Future Post’. 

The posts, produced from their manufacturing facility in Waiuku, are made from a 100% recycled plastic construction. This includes milk bottles, plastic bags, and our very own sample bottles and bags, of which we typically supply around 10,000 of each per month. It can be difficult to recycle these sample containers because of the labels and residual sample material (e.g. particles of soil, or some water), however, the Future Post manufacturing process is tolerant of these impurities. The posts are extremely durable with a life expectancy of 50+ years and don’t split, crack or rot. They are sold back to many of our agricultural customers.

We are extremely proud of this partnership and to be part of a drive to sustainably make a difference in our environment with what we do with our waste. We are grateful that this waste is now able to be diverted from landfills and we know this is an important step in the right direction for our company. 

To find out more about Future Post, please visit their website at or connect with them on Facebook.