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Out of Specification Alerts - can they help?

Date: 24 Apr 2019
Author: Hill Laboratories

Do you sometimes come across a site you’re working on where it would be useful to know, as early as possible, if your micro testing has failed the standard you are working towards?  Or your soil lead result has exceeded your guideline level, so will require further testing to be carried out on the sample?

Hill Laboratories are here to help and as such, we have a function that can send you an alert when the result has exceeded certain criteria.

This function would work well for a project where you have multiple tests being carried out and some of the tests might take slightly longer to process through the lab than the test/s you’re concerned about.  

Through a quote, we have the functionality to set up alerts, which can send you through a text or email when the testing in question is complete and it has failed the limit you have advised us to use. Receiving this information early could be important for health and safety requirements, consents or it might be useful to give you a heads up to start further testing before the final report is issued.  

If you would be interested in setting up alerts for your project/site contact one of our friendly Client Service Manager Team and they will be happy to guide you through this process.