October 2021 PIHA Executive Award Winners | Hill Laboratories - NZ


October 2021 PIHA Executive Award Winners

Date: 26 Nov 2021
Author: Hill Laboratories

Each month we announce our PIHA Executive award winner. Our PIHA awards celebrate staff members that display our company values. This year the decision has been made to choose two PIHA winners earlier in the year in October instead of choosing a December winner. Well done to our October winners, Laura Croad and Courtney Case! 

Here’s why Laura was nominated: “Laura constantly displays the aspects of our PIHA values. She always has our clients best interests at heart, thinking nothing of racing off to the courier depot to ensure urgent samples get forwarded to the correct lab in time for processing. This customer focused attitude has earned a great deal of positive feedback from clients who rave about her friendly, helpful and cheerful nature. Laura is also a reliable and agile team player. She is always looking for ways to help the team whether it be jumping in to help out on a busy station, coming in for weekend training and sample preparation during busy periods or picking up extra responsibilities like customer queries. Whatever the task she is undertaking I can always be assured that it will be completed on time and to a high standard. Laura is a very valued member of the Blenheim team.”

And Courtney was actually nominated five times by her peers! Here’s a few of the reasons why she was nominated: “I start at 6am by myself, with Courtney being the next team member in. She always arrives early to see that I’m ok and with a great attitude. No number of samples waiting is too many and she ploughs through almost everything I have unpacked to make sure the later starters don’t have too much waiting for them. Amongst all she has to juggle, she still takes time to answer any questions and I’ve yet to see her in a bad mood.”

“Courtney is THE person you ask to help you if you need something done fast. She is a heads down worker who will finish any task put in front of her, and never makes a fuss about it. This sometimes leads to her not getting the recognition that she should, and we desperately want to fix that! Courtney has also put a lot of time and effort into upskilling our part time staff in Dispatch, going over processes with them, writing them personalised instructions and checking in on them on a daily basis. She always has a smile on her face and despite being so busy still finds time to make fun of me on the reg. Our team could not run like it does without Courtney being a part of it.” 

Fantastic work Laura and Courtney!