New container for asbestos soil Presence/Absence analysis | Hill Laboratories - NZ


New container for asbestos soil Presence/Absence analysis

Date: 4 Aug 2022
Author: Hill Laboratories



We have launched a new smaller container (PSoil125Asb) for soil samples requiring Presence/Absence analysis for asbestos. This will replace our current container (PSoil250Asb).  




The smaller container offers numerous sample handling benefits, while still accommodating the 100g sample size required for Presence/Absence soil analysis. 

  • Less sample volume is required to be collected, making sample collection quicker and easier.
  • General sample handling (e.g. packing and sending) is also improved due to the container’s reduced size and weight. 
  • With the same size opening as our current presence/absence soil container, the smaller container is just as easy to fill and will accommodate potential large pieces of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) that may be present in soils.   
  • The amount of space for recording sample name and date on the container label remains unchanged.   

Keep an eye out for the new soil container in your next bottle order! If you'd like to check out the rest of our available sample containers, an easy reference guide can be found here.