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Methamphetamine Sample Submission App

Methamphetamine Sample Submission App - No Paper Request Forms!

Date: 7 Nov 2018
Author: Hill Laboratories

At Hill Laboratories we have been asking ourselves a key question: how can we use technology to make methamphetamine sampling and sample submission easier and more accurate for our clients?

The result has been the development of the Hill Laboratories Sample Submission App for Methamphetamine Testing.

The app replaces the need for a paper analysis request form and has the functionality to scan Hill Laboratories methamphetamine wipe tubes – which has major benefits in sample traceability and reduction of errors.  The app is designed to allow for different job priorities (e.g., Same Day or Next Day) and sample types (Lab Composites, Field Composite, Individual Samples) to be submitted simply to the laboratory.

The app job file is submitted electronically allowing the lab to process samples faster without the need for laborious manual registration.  Simple!

If you are a methamphetamine sampler and would like to find out more about submitting samples using an app, please contact us at