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Major TAT Reduction for Residues Testing

Major TAT Reduction for Residues Testing

Date: 5 Feb 2020
Author: Hill Laboratories

Our pesticide residue team has worked hard to bring our turnaround time down to five working days for multi-residue and dithiocarbamate testing! Proving your crop or product complies with maximum residue limits can be time-sensitive and we understand the need for fast testing in order for your business to make important market decisions.

Dithiocarbamates (Mancozeb, Thiram etc.) require a separate test to our multi-residue suites. Historically this test had a 10 -15 working day turnaround time, so this is a massive improvement at no additional cost. Please note that this only applies to our food and crop testing and doesn’t include soil and water.

If you have any questions about our multi-residue service, please contact our Food & Bioanalytical Client Services Team.