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Leaf Analysis – Spring through Summer

Date: 1 Aug 2022
Author: Hill Laboratories

Surprising as it may seem, this dreary wet winter will be over before long and the busy growth season will be kicking off.

Leaf analysis of high value horticultural crops is a useful tool through spring and summer, to help fine-tune nutritional inputs for optimum yields. However, it is only useful if the correct sampling protocols are followed. Hill Laboratories Crop Guides provide some very useful guidelines, describing when and how to collect samples as well as recommended tests.

The Crop Guides are all published on our website under Client Resources. Planning ahead to ensure that the correct sample bags are on hand will be helpful. For example, the Combined Grape Profile needs a small ziplock bag and the larger plant sample bag to contain the separated petiole and leaf-blade fractions when collecting leaves in the vineyard (placing the small petiole bag inside the larger plant bag that contains the leaf blades). Taking the time to do this correctly means the laboratory can start processing the samples that much quicker, and also maintains the sample integrity well.  

Contact the laboratory to arrange spring sampling supplies, or try ordering through our customer portal. Visit www.hill-laboratories.com to order online.