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Laboratory based verification of water sensors

Date: 16 May 2023

Water quality and the health of waterways is front of mind for many New Zealanders.

Quality laboratory datasets, especially those collected over long-term time scales, are essential to understanding key environmental and water quality variables in New Zealand.   These datasets, which have been collected and curated over many years, allow citizens, scientists and regulators to monitor environmental trends and make informed decisions.

However, as technology continues to advance, in-field water quality sensors may play an increasingly important role in the collection and generation of environmental data.  Continuous ‘real-time’  sensor data can be very useful for identifying and understanding specific environmental events (e.g., flood events, industrial spills etc ), and thus can complement our understanding of trends that have been established from long-term laboratory datasets.  

To support the role that water sensors may play in environmental monitoring, both now and in the future, Hill Laboratories have recently been assisting Adroit Environmental IoT with laboratory-based verifications for some commercially available water sensors.   

While the work is in the early stages, Hill Laboratories are pleased to be supporting Adroit with these critical evaluations, given the important role that water sensors may fulfil for many of our clients in the future.  

You can read an article about the work that has been started with Adroit here: