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House of Science Twin Resource Boxes Sponsorship

House of Science Twin Resource Boxes Sponsorship

Date: 4 May 2020
Author: Hill Laboratories

Hill Laboratories are proud sponsors of two House of Science Central Waikato ‘twin’ resource boxes this year - the Water Analysis and Land Analysis kits. These kits are provided to schools with a range of activities inside, including tests to check the water quality in bodies of water near school grounds and learning about how the nitrogen cycle relates to soil and water catchment pollution.

House of Science Central Waikato is striving to raise scientific literacy with a library of comprehensive science resource kits for primary and intermediate schools. They are committed to supporting teachers by providing resources that deliver an engaging introduction to science at an early age. We are thrilled to assist with supporting future scientists in our community. 

We began supporting this charitable initiative last year by sponsoring their Water Analysis resource kit. This kit was booked out twelve times to six different Central Waikato schools in 2019 and over 370 students were able to experiment and learn about water quality. We also participated in the House of Science ‘Meet a Scientist’ programme, with a few of our staff going to classrooms that have booked out the Water Analysis kit and joining in on the experiments. These events were very well received by the students, who enjoyed asking questions to real-life scientists.