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Hilltop Software - An Update

Date: 21 May 2021
Author: Hill Laboratories

In August last year, we announced that Hill Laboratories had acquired the environmental data management software, Hilltop.  

Hilltop, a well established NZ based product, is used by most regional councils around NZ, as well as electricity generators and environmental consultants, to manage data related to water quality and quantity. Our acquisition of Hilltop software represents an exciting expansion of Hill Labs portfolio of digital tools.

Our key focus since acquiring Hilltop has been gaining an in-depth knowledge of the product, and consolidating a team of software developers to both learn and work on the product. The established Hilltop software team remains based in Hawkes Bay, and we are also building a team of Hilltop developers based in our main Hamilton branch, where our 30 person strong IT team is also based.  Our Hamilton based Hilltop software team currently consists of two developers, led by Dave Lowndes. You can learn more about Dave here.

A Hilltop help desk and ticketing system has also been launched, allowing Hilltop users to lodge bug fixes, technical and support requests, and future enhancements via a service desk.  

Like all software products, Hilltop will benefit from ongoing modernisation to improve the architecture and functionality of the suite of products. As part of this process, we look forward to continued engagement with key users to better understand how they use the software, and how it could be improved.

For any information on the Hilltop product, please contact Jane or Craig