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Hill News February 2022 - Update From Our CEO, Dr Jonno Hill

Date: 11 Feb 2022
Author: Dr Jonno Hill

The last two years have been novel and challenging for all of us, and 2022 is set to be different again with a set of new challenges.  Fortunately, the progression of the pandemic here in NZ continues to lag behind other countries, and so we are able to watch and learn and adapt our public health response to the latest science.

We now know much more about the Omicron variant than when it first emerged, and so we can take some comfort from that.  Nevertheless, for all of us it is most likely a matter of when, not if we come into contact with the virus, and so preparing ourselves and our businesses for this eventuality is front of mind for most of us right now.

In our headline article, we briefly outline our response to the pandemic so far – both in terms of the mitigations we are implementing within our own business and also the COVID testing we are doing for others.

We hope that you, our customers, are also preparing for the challenges ahead as best you can, and we are looking forward to continue supporting you in your businesses in what will be a very disrupted year for us all.