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HILL NEWS May 2023 - Update From Our CEO, Dr Jonno Hill

Date: 22 May 2023

In early June we will be introducing a refresh of our brand, which is more of an evolution that a revolution.  We have a new logo, which connects with the previous one, and have shortened our name to “Hill Labs”, which is less of a mouthful and is how we are typically referred to.

As part of the process, we spent some time reflecting on those attributes that we believe define the way that we do business.  These are things that stem directly from our core values and company culture, and that are felt by our customers.  I don’t want to steal our own thunder by describing them here, but it was satisfying that, having distilled and articulated these qualities, we recognised that they’d been embedded in the DNA of our business right from its inception almost 40 years ago, when my parents started the company.

I was just a young boy back then, but I’ve heard my parents speak about those early days, and I enjoy imagining how things must have felt.  When the company was small, my father, in particular, was very close to all of our customers, and so could clearly see and understand what was important to them.  As the company grew and more people joined the team, this understanding of what our customers most needed from us would have been modelled and shared from person to person in a visceral way, and in time became embedded in the company culture and the way that we do things.

It's such a privilege for me to be able to lead the company now, and to carry that proud legacy forward.  I’m very grateful to my parents, and to all of the team members over the years who have believed in what we do and the way that we do it, to make the business what it is today.

And of course, we would be nothing without our customers.  Thank you for trusting us to deliver the services you need to protect the environment, keep people safe, and produce world class food.  We know that what you do really matters, and so we take our responsibilities and obligations to you all very seriously.

Aotearoa/NZ has a bright future, and we will all make our contribution towards shaping this beautiful country to be all that it can be.  Our brand refresh, then, is reflective of the continuing growth and evolution of our business, and while it draws from the past, it is also about looking forward with optimism to what the future may hold for us all.