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Hill Laboratories accredited for Covid testing

Date: 14 Sep 2021
Author: Hill Laboratories

Since late 2020 Hill Laboratories have been conducting saliva testing for Covid, with these services focused into the Aged Care sector.  It has felt good to be helping to protect some of our most vulnerable New Zealanders – our elderly – during the pandemic, and our customers should be applauded for having had the presence of mind to adopt this service, which is based on cutting-edge science.

Now, after engaging with IANZ and the Ministry of Health, our technical capability has been formally recognised through the awarding of accreditation for our Covid testing services. This is an exciting development for us, and we look forward to delivering our services more broadly.

We employ the “SalivaDirect” methodology in our Hamilton-based laboratory. This method was developed by New Zealander Anne Wyllie’s group at the Yale School of Public Health in the US. This is a non-proprietary method, generously made publically-available for all to use. The SalivaDirect method has been implemented in many laboratories around the world, with millions of tests successfully conducted. It has been fully ‘diagnostically’ validated, and is now referenced in many publications in peer-reviewed journals. In short, it is an example of science being conducted to a high standard, and we feel privileged to be part of the international community applying this science in the fight against the pandemic.

There are many New Zealanders who could benefit from this non-invasive saliva testing service. We have already proven to our current customers that we consistently deliver very fast turnaround times, and we believe our value for money proposition is a strong one.

Initially, we will mainly be delivering saliva testing services for Covid to businesses, preferably working through our existing partners who specialise in the collection of human biological samples. Therefore, if your business has a need to test for Covid and you would like to learn more about our saliva testing services, then please get in touch.