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Fast turnaround for environmental soil testing

Date: 2 Aug 2019
Author: Hill Laboratories

Laboratory testing of soils continues to be a key component in the identification, management and remediation of contaminated sites in New Zealand. When managing contaminated land projects and sites, fast turnaround of lab test results can be critical to project success, especially when significant earthworks or infrastructure are involved. 

In recognition of this, we have focused on improving our lab workflows to ensure that clients receive their results as fast as possible. We have been able to make significant time-saving improvements with our processes, with no compromise to the high standard of customer service we pride ourselves on and the proven high quality testing that our client’s value. 

We now routinely report environmental soil chemistry testing within a three-day turnaround. This new faster service allows our clients to make those important decisions within short time frames, along with the assurance that they are testing with New Zealand’s market leading environmental laboratory.  

To date the feedback from the market on this has been extremely positive. Please put us to the test, or for information on using our services please contact our customer service team.