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Easy, online ordering of DIY drinking water kits

Easy, online ordering of DIY drinking water kits

Date: 31 Jan 2019
Author: Hill Laboratories

We are often asked the question, “I need my water tested at home or at the bach to see if it is suitable for drinking, how do I this?”

As such, we have two dedicated ‘Do It Yourself’ sampling kits available for this very purpose – the Routine Drinking Water Kit and the Routine Drinking Water Kit including E.Coli.  To make things even quicker and easier, these kits can now be ordered online from our website – just click on “Order Sampling Supplies” on our home page.

Once the order has been placed, a confirmation email will be sent to say the order has been received. The kits contain everything that is required to sample and submit your drinking water to the laboratory.  Once the sample is received, we analyse for a number of parameters and can conveniently compare the levels of these parameters in your drinking water to those listed in the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards – providing an indication of whether your drinking water meets the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health.  

The reports can also be shown to a plumber or water filtration company if any advice on water treatment is required.  Details of the parameters included in the testing suites can be found here.

Contact our friendly Client Service Manager team if more information is required.