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Committed to creating a better workplace

Date: 29 Apr 2019
Author: Hill Laboratories

We recognise the high importance of staff engagement and as such, along with implementing a new progression framework for laboratory staff (Skills Based Framework ), we continue to look for ways to make it a better place to work.

Over the past year or so, we have been trialing different working hours across the business nationally, consisting of four ten-hour working days per week. These trials have been run to ensure this initiative meets the needs of the business, delivers on our customer promises, and at the same time, offers our staff better flexibility. Many of the trials have proved to enhance our efficiency and have been positively received by our staff. So far the majority of these working hours have been adopted.

As we progress we will look at what other options are available to us regarding flexibility for staff. We recognise that this will not be easy but are committed to exploring options for those who are interested so that we can be an employer of choice.