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Carole Rodgers-Carroll on retirement from Hill Labs after 20 Years

Date: 15 Sep 2022
Author: Hill Laboratories

People move jobs a lot these days. The average tenure for employment in New Zealand is four years. So, when someone devotes 20 years of their life to a single company, you know something special has occurred.

Carole Rodgers-Carroll has given two decades of exceptional service to Hill Laboratories, and has now decided to retire. If anyone has earned the right to put their feet up, it’s Carole. Carole’s relationship with Hill Labs began in 2002. She’d had positive dealings with the company in previous roles, so when the chance came to join the team, she took it with both hands.

Carole’s first job was as a technician in food residue extraction. From there she moved into the Report Compilation team. Her most significant posting was to Client Services Manager, where she has been for over 15 years. 

With over 20 years of highlights to choose from, Carole’s most satisfying moments are captured in the four words she often heard from her clients: “‘Well, that was easy’” Carole explains. “Establishing good relationships with clients is the most important thing, and the words that meant the most to me was when a customer would say, ‘Well, that was easy’. Whether I was answering technical questions, providing quotes, or sorting orders, I knew I was doing my job if they found the process simple and effortless.”


For Carole, if anything can trump the feedback of clients, it’s the people of Hill Labs. She knows she’ll miss them. “They’re more than just workmates; they’re my friends and they’re awesome to work with. I’ll miss the laughter. We laugh a lot at this company, and that alone has made the last 20 years enjoyable.” 

Carole’s next season of life will be busy, albeit in different ways. She has an old but extremely bossy fox terrier that needs lots of walking. So much so, she thinks he qualifies as her own personal trainer. Then there are Carole’s other passions. “I’m a keen bowler, indoor and outdoor, and there’ll be lots of opportunities for both over the summer. I also love reading and knitting. I never did master doing both at once. My grandmother could do it, so perhaps now’s the time for me to follow in her footsteps.”