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Ballance Farm Environment Awards

Date: 13 May 2022
Author: Hill Laboratories

We are looking forward to the awards season for this year’s Ballance Farm Environment Awards (BFEA’s), which will kick off next month in Invercargill. The BFEA awards are held annually and celebrate good farm practices that promote sustainable land management. Award winners are announced at a series of regional events held around the country and at each event one of the awards entrants have the chance to win is the Hill Laboratories Agri-Science Award. This award recognises excellence in the use of technology tools to increase productivity and minimise environmental impacts. At each of the 10 upcoming events, we will have Hill Labs staff in attendance and presenting our award.

Unfortunately there is no Waikato event this year due to Covid restrictions hampering judging efforts. This means there will be no Waikato winner of the Hill Laboratories Agri-Science Award this year, so we thought we’d take a moment to mention last year's winners - Peter Levin and Phil Barton of Levin & Co. You can find out more about them and their efforts here.

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