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A Smart Solution for Soil Sample Traceability

Date: 24 Apr 2019
Author: Hill Laboratories

This time last year we advertised our Sample Submission App for submitting agriculture soil, feed and plant samples and we have since made this available for many of our customers. One of the significant benefits of using the app is its functionality to capture the GPS location of the sample collection site or transect.

This can be done at the time of sampling, with capture of a start and finish point to geo-locate where the sample was collected from. Alternatively, and prior to submitting the electronic job file, a google map can be pulled up and the sampling location(s) pinned.

The captured or pinned GPS locations are reported back in the PDF result report but also in any of our importable file types for incorporating into mapping platforms.

To learn more about this function, or to request access to the Hill Labs Agriculture Sample Submission app, please get in touch with one of our Client Service Managers or email your request to softwarehelpdesk@hill-labs.co.nz.