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6 Things You Need to Know as a Hemp Grower/Produce

6 Things You Need to Know as a Hemp Grower/Producer

Date: 9 Dec 2020
Author: Hill Laboratories

While the hemp industry is thriving in New Zealand and attracting an increase in attention, potential growers and food producers should be aware of the regulations and criteria they need to meet, to ensure they are compliant.

From testing to soil health, here are six things that you need to know as a hemp grower and producer in New Zealand.

  1. Hemp must meet Ministry of Health (MoH) compliance requirements. As New Zealand’s first privately owned lab with MoH Approved Laboratory status, Hill Laboratories are proud to offer Hemp Compliance Testing which is designed to verify that samples contain under 0.35% total THC and comply with MoH requirements.
  2. Ensure testing is carried out within the correct time frame. Samples should be taken for testing around three weeks before harvest, whilst the seed is still developing. This will guarantee hemp growers can prove the flower from their crop complies with regulations.
  3. Take representative samples. This includes taking a minimum of five seed heads from one plot – depending on the size of the plot. This means results will adequately represent the plants you are growing.
  4. Hill Laboratories use an IANZ accredited cannabinoid method when testing for THC compliance. This provides the assurance you need, with accurate results and industry leading turnaround times.
  5. Think about your soil health to ensure you produce the highest quality crop. Soil testing with Hill Laboratories takes the guesswork out of nutrient management and allows you to measure soil quality and nutrient levels.
  6. Don’t forget about additional testing for hemp food products. Hill Laboratories are your one-stop laboratory, providing a range of further testing for your hemp product. This includes nutritional panel tests, food microbiology and pesticide testing.

At Hill Laboratories, we understand the importance of ensuring your final product meets New Zealand’s high industry standards and regulations. Which is why we are proud to partner with hemp growers and hemp food producers to support them with their testing needs.

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