We have been asking ourselves a key question: how can we use technology to make sampling and sample submission easier and more accurate for our clients? The result has been the development of our Sample Submission App for Methamphetamine Testing. The app replaces the need for a paper forms and has the functionality to scan methamphetamine wipe tubes… read more

Hill Laboratories has invested in a quality indicator testing system, which will provide clients with 48 hour results for the majority of tests; the fastest results in the industry. … read more

This year the agricultural soil lab undertook a project to improve processes in our soil-sample preparation area, with dual goals of operational efficiency and staff safety (from dust inhalation). … read more

Being smart with grape nutrition is essential for optimising grape growth to produce high quality wine, in a sustainable way, with the monitoring of soil and leaf nutrient levels an important step to achieve this. Soil tests are usually done in the winter, while leaf petiole and blade tests are recommended at flowering… read more

Lead is a known environmental contaminant that has been shown to affect human health. Lead contamination has been discussed at industry conferences and in webinars on numerous occasions this year and it appears that it will continue to be a topic of interest for the near future. Hill Laboratories are able to meet this need by offering lead testing on the following sample types: soil, dust and paint samples… read more