We are thrilled to share that Hill Laboratories was announced the winner of the Roy Paterson Trophy for 2018 at the recent Apiculture New Zealand Conference held in Blenheim… read more

We are often asked about “biological” tests for soil, with growers increasingly wanting to look after their soils as a foundation goal in sustainable farming. A simpler approach taken by Hill Laboratories is to offer a test that can be done on the same sample submitted for pH and nutrient testing… read more

As of early August, an NIR-only service has been introduced for all pasture, forage-crop and routine supplementary feed samples. This change is in recognition of the need for fast turnaround-time for test results that affect the animal dietary decision-making for the feed currently available on farm… read more

Leaf testing for kiwifruit at several points in the growth cycle of the vine (from just after bud-break through to fruit maturity) has been a valuable cop management tool to growers for many years… read more