Ian Williams - Pioneer® Brand Products | Hill Laboratories - NZ

Ian Williams - Pioneer® Brand Products

“I have been working as a Forage and Farm Systems Specialist with Pioneer® brand Products since 1999. During this time, I have been an extensive user of Hill Laboratories for testing soil and silage samples.

Hills has been the “go to” lab for me and my clients. Their commitment to international testing protocols which are supported by local trials means I can trust the results I receive. And if I have had any questions, Fiona and the Agricultural testing team have gone out of their way to answer them promptly and thoroughly. And Hill Laboratories are local. Their location means that I can get samples to them usually the same day they were collected. 

Hill Labs have been very generous sponsors of numerous conferences and awards associated with promoting best farming practice.

3 words to describe Hills: Professional Accurate Prompt.”

- Ian Williams, Forage and Farms Systems Specialist, Pioneer® Brand Products

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