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Philip Barlow - Bio Soil & Crop

“When I started Bio Soil & Crop [Independent Consulting Agronomy] twenty years ago we needed an Ag-Lab that could efficiently process my client’s fresh leaf samples [approx. 300 plus per year] and consistently provide accurate speedy results. I already was acquainted with Roger Hill through our association with the NZ Institute of Ag/Hort Science and I knew that his prime business motivation was to provide the best possible service for his clients.

After all these years I am convinced that we did very well in choosing Hill Labs and we have never had reason to be disappointed. We have always received speedy service and I would estimate the Lab accuracy to be in the 99 percent category. Having such trustworthy results has meant a great deal to our business, for our clients are exacting and need to have full confidence that our recommendations are based on accurate data.

Part of our work has involved Blueberry Leaf research and Hill Labs kindly sponsored the cost of the analysis in exchange for information sharing for the good of the NZ Blueberry industry.

Hill Labs' client services team are always fast to respond to queries and we have always found all the backup technical support that we need, either by direct contact or on referring to Hill’s published technical notes.

Every year when the Leaf Sampling season starts, with no hesitation I say that Hill Labs are my preferred choice. My word to describe Hill Labs is ART - Accurate, Reliable & Timely. This testimonial is in my own words and for no financial gain to myself.”

- Philip Barlow, Director - Founder, Bio Soil & Crop