Mathew Bannister - First Fresh NZ Ltd | Hill Laboratories - NZ

Mathew Bannister - First Fresh NZ Ltd

“Our selection of a service provider in the testing arena was based on a detailed analysis of several proposals. Hills were not the incumbent, but we selected them based on their team’s dedication to providing a service which matches our business needs. First Fresh has always needed the ability to rapidly collect and dispatch samples to meet the moving target of harvesting dates and then be able to rely on a rapid yet consistent and dependable turnaround for sample results. 

The Hills sample registration system has made this process simple and seamless and it’s a matter of; collect the sample, scan and send. For non-routine testing, the team at Hills have always been responsive to an email warning them of some new testing that needs to happen on sample that is in transit.

The team at Hills have been committed to supporting our business by giving us more time to work with finished results instead of adding complexity around sample submission and data receipt/collection.

Hills have always been honest with their capabilities and also with the agreed limits of detections. No amazing claims of detecting more than others, just the honest result of reporting what can be reliably detected using accredited and verifiable testing methods, systems and equipment which our international and domestic customers can depend on.”

- Mathew Bannister, Compliance Manager, First Fresh NZ Ltd