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Mark Redshaw - Yara Crop Nutrition

“I have dealt with Hill Laboratories in a number of roles for 20 years. Focused on soil and herbage analysis, the consistency in sampling and integrity of results have assisted in providing advice to the agricultural and horticultural industries.

Ability to provide a service in a timely fashion is important in a market where making agronomic decisions to attain the yield potential of crops is essential.

The age old adage of you need to ‘measure to manage’ has never been more important, where societal pressures continue to create opportunities to monitor performance by way of structured analysis.

In my role as a Yara Agronomist receiving a Hill Laboratories report provides me with the confidence that a professional lab has analysed the sample and provided the report in a consistent and readable format.

The recent move to a digital app for sample submission has been a fantastic move by the Hill’s team to make the process a more seamless and efficient engagement with their business.

The team are always happy to assist and I wouldn’t contemplate using another lab based on the efficient, friendly, and quality service they provide.”

 - Mark Redshaw, Agronomist, Yara Crop Nutrition

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