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Andrea Murphy - Metabolik

“Essential - Efficient – Powerful.

As a ruminant nutritionist, Extended Feed Testing is imperative.  Efficiency can be achieved by feeding our animals from the paddock up.   Feed testing is like a bank account statement to define the nutrients available on farm. When we know the quantity and quality of nutrients in relation to the nutrient requirements for a targeted level of health, production, and reproductive performance, we can identify which gaps need to be filled.  In taking this approach, great strides can be made to optimise the profitability of our farming businesses.  At the same time, we build an awareness of the environmental implications of our feeding decisions.  

Every day I am asked questions about stock performance.  Every answer starts with, ‘Have you got a feed test?’.  I like that Hill Labs facilitates the feed sample collection process with the provision of the Feed Testing Kits including instructions, sample bags, and a courier bag.

I recommend Hill Laboratories because the facility is world class with rigorous procedures and calibrations.  In addition to the technical aspects, the customer service has always been impeccable.  The staff are kind and helpful, approaching every request with a ‘can do’ attitude.”

- Andrea Murphy, Nutritionist, Metabolik (a division of Image Holdings Limited)