Ben Meehan - Gavins Limited | Hill Laboratories - NZ

Ben Meehan - Gavins Limited

“Our relationship with Hill Laboratories has existed for over 30 years. They have been a key player in enabling us to make the correct decisions for both ourselves and clients in regards to soil fertility, plant health, animal feed and much more. 

At certain times of the year we require our test results to be completed in a very short timeframe and Hill Laboratories has done a fantastic job of accommodating this, both in improvements in testing technology and processes as well as fantastic customer relations. They have been able to do all this without compromising the quality and accuracy of results.

The fact that they are located near our depot is another reason for using their service. The convenience of the drop off system, as well as the fact that their experienced agricultural Client Services team (CSM's) are always there to give their input is a fantastic resource.”

- Ben Meehan, Agronomic Support, Gavins Limited

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